Why am I not seeing any improvement in my English?

I moved to the US several years ago. I speak English every day. I watch English TV, talk to friends in English and I’m also married to a native English speaker, I barely speak my own native language now, but my English doesn’t seem to be improving at all. It’s so frustrating because after many  years I thought I would see some improvement, but nothing yet.

It is difficult to see one’s own errors simply by observing other people. We sometimes need someone to observe us and pick up and correct our faults, and teach us and help us practice the correct form. While friends and family might sometimes pick you up on some pronunciation, they probably don’t do so as often as you need them to and don’t follow up with the repletion and revision that you need to actually learn.

With that in mind, it might be worthwhile to engage a teacher to actually work with you on your pronunciation and correct you diction in a controlled setting, rather than the ad-hoc setting you have at home or work.

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