How can I get a teaching job in China?

The principal qualification for teaching in China is that you have completed your college education and have at least an ordinary degree. You will then find an abundance of jobs on offer all over the country.

Without a degree, you may be offered a job illegally at some schools. Do not take these offers. You will end up in trouble with the Public Security Bureau, fined and deported.

The best places to work are at universities. High school work is also reasonable. Private schools are common and play more but are often operated poorly or even illegally. Kindergarten pays the best but is hard work.

Remember that you don’t come to China to make money – you come to expertise the country and the culture. Choose a job that gives you time and opportunities to explore.

Also, remember that the higher paid jobs are usually in the more expensive cities. Getting 10,000 RMB a month in Beijing and you may find things right. Getting the same amount in Dalian and you will be very comfortable. Getting half that in in many cities and you will still be doing well.

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