Musical instruments come in many shapes and sizes. Every culture has its own instruments but there are some that are common throughout the world. Below are the most common instruments that can be found in any orchestra. They can be grouped as follows:

Strings 字符串

Banjo 班卓琴

Guitar 吉他

Guzheng 古筝

Pipa 琵琶

Erhu 二胡

Violin 小提琴

Cello 大提琴

Double Base 低音提琴

Brass 銅管樂器

Trumpet 小號

Trombone 长号

French Horn 圆号

Tuba 大号

Didgeridoo 迪吉里杜管

Woodwind 木管乐器

Flute 长笛

Saxophone 萨克斯管

Clarinet 單簧管

Oboe 雙簧管

Bassoon 低音管


Percussion 打击乐器

Drums 鼓

Cymbals 钹

Xylophone 木琴

Glockenspiel 钟琴


Piano 钢琴

Organ 器官

Electric Keyboard 电子琴

Accordion 手风琴