Cyberspace, the Internet and the World Wide Web are relatively new. The World Wide Web started in 1992. It was created by an English man called Tim Bernard-Lees. That makes the web just over 20 years old now. However, the web didn’t become popular until the turn of the millennium. Around that time, many businesses started to open using the web and the internet as their main business tool. Today the world wide web is truly worldwide with millions of users in every country.

What does the ‘www’ on the names mean? It means ‘World Wide Web’. Often shortened to the Web.

A name on the internet is called a domain name. For example, is a domain name for the company Google.

Before the ‘www’ we often see the letters ‘HTTP://’. What does this mean? It stands for ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol’. This is the method that the computer uses to send web pages across the internet.

What endings can you see on domains and what do they mean? The most common ending is .com (commercial). Other common names include: .org (non profit organization), .net (network), .biz (business), .info (information), .gov (government), .edu (education). There are also endings for each country. For example: .cn (China), .uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia), .nz (New Zealand), .it (Itally) and .fr (France).

Famous Websites and Companies

Can you think of some famous websites that you use? Do Chinese people use the same websites as Western people? What are the reasons for the differences?


We all like to have the latest Gadgets. What Gadgets have you bought recently? Is it useful or was it a waste of money? What gadgets would you like the buy?

Look at the list of gadgets below. Can you sort them into four columns based on wither you want, have got, don’t want or can’t have these gadgets. Give reasons for your choices. Do the other people in the class agree with your choices?

  • Flying Motorbike
  • Sony PSP
  • Palmtop Computer
  • Telepathic laptop computer
  • Internet Glasses
  • Self-driving Car
  • USB port for your brain
  • Hoverboard
  • Icecream maker
  • Housework robot
  • Automated massage chair
  • Mahjong table stacker
I have got this I want to have this I don’t want this This is impossible