TV & The Media

TV camera men in a TV studio

What is Media and what forms does it take?

The Media is collectivly: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet.


What TV is available in your country? What channels show what type of program?

Compare the TV offering of USA and UK.

Digital TV revolution

TV versus the Internet

Number of TV’s in a household


What radio is available in Anshan and do you listen to it?

If you do, what shows do you listen to, where and when.

If not, why not listen to the radio?

Compare radio popularity in China with the US and USA.

Why is there a disparity in popularity of radio between these countries


Do you read a newspaper? Which one? If not, why not?

How often do you read newspapers?

What sources of news do you use other than newspapers or not as the case may be?

What range of newspapers are available in China?

Discuss types of paper such as tabloid, local, broad sheet, financial, Sunday paper, weekly, free paper.

Discuss students preference or dislike of various formats of paper.


Popularity of magazines.

Trend in China towards girls magazines (fashion).

Popularity of UK magazines.

Difference between UK and US magazines.

Internet (New Media)

Changes in the media industry caused by the growth of the Internet.

Popularity of the internet for various forms of entertainment e.g. news, documentary, study, leisure reading, watching video, listening to music or radio online.

Growth of new media systems online such as QQ