Student Life

This is some material that will help students prepare for class. This lesson will be taught in week 2 (Sept. 6-10). Please read over the material below prior to coming to class. If you have any questions, come and see me or send me an email.

Have you given any thought to what you will do when you finish university? Will you get a job? Will you study further for masters or PhD? Will you settle down, get married and start a family. It is quite likely that, since you are only second-year students, you haven’t thought about this much yet. However, now is the time that you should be thinking about it and making preparations for your future. If you leave it all until the fourth year, then you will have not time improve your situation. You must plan now so that you can do all the things that need to be done to make you an employable person.

Think about your C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume. What does it say, or what will it say when you finish your university course? Will there be anything in there that will make you stand out from the crowd of other students with similar degrees? What can you do now to ensure that your C.V. is better than other peoples? Here are a few ideas:

Get your C.V. professionally designed. A good looking C.V. will make you stand out instantly. In China, it is not expensive to get a good graphical designer to create a C.V. for yours. A professionally created C.V. will more than pay for itself when you get your job.

Do some part-time work during the holidays. The one thing that employers look for is past experience. Don’t finish university with a blank C.V. Make sure that you have done some work. There are lots of small jobs you could do during the holidays or weekends. For example: tutoring high school students, working in a shop handing out leaflets, assisting at a private school, be a waiter in a restaurant such as KFC, work in a hotel or restaurant kitchen. Do not expect these jobs to pay highly. You don’t need them to do so. You only want to do this work so that you can get some experience of work on to your C.V.

Get extra certificates and qualifications. There are many subjects that you study at university when aren’t recognized on your degree certificate. For example, you are all English Majors but you also studied some Russian and maybe Korean, French or Japanese. You also had classes in computing using Flash, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel and Visual Basic. All of these extra subjects go without recognition. However, you could add them to your C.V. and gain credit for them if you could do some certificated exam on these topics. There are exams you can take for this outside of the university.

Pass your driving test. I know you don’t have a car. That is not important. However, having a license to drive is a useful skill that many employers look for. You can do your driving test relatively cheaply without having to buy a car beforehand. You will then be able to add the license to your C.V. This will make a significant improvement to your employability and give you are skill advantage that most other students don’t have.