We all talked this week about business, marketing and advertising. The top 10 companies by revenue in 2011 were:

Top 10 companies in 2011, ordered by revenue.
Rank Company Sector Country Revenue ($) Profit ($)
1 Wal-mart Stores Supermarket USA $421,849,000,000 $16,389,000,000
2 Royal Dutch Shell Oil Netherlands $378,152,000,000 $20,127,000,000
3 Exxon Mobil Oil USA $354,674,000,000 $30,460,000,000
4 BP Oil UK $308,928,000,000 -$3,719,000,000
5 Sinopec Group Oil China $273,422,000,000 $7,629,000,000
6 China National Petroleum Oil China $240,192,000,000 $14,367,000,000
7 State Grid Electricity China $226,294,000,000 $4,556,000,000
8 Toyota Motor Cars Japan $221,760,000,000 $4,766,000,000
9 Japan Post Holdings Mail & Financial Japan $203,958,000,000 $4,891,000,000
10 Chevron Oil USA $196,337,000,000 $19,024,000,000

Source: Fortune 500 list at

Try to learn some more about these companies.

How did Wal-mart become so large? Why do oil companies dominate to the top 10 list? Notice that 3 of the top 10 are Chinese companies. Why is this? Japan Post Holdings is the post office and mail carrier in Japan; Why is it so high up the rankings compared to other companies in it’s sector?


Marketing is the process by which a company gets people to buy its products. It is a complicated process that involves many factors such as: price, quality, service, availability, convenience, speed, comfort, distribution, usefulness, functionality, taste, fashion, and advertising.

Many people confuse marketing with advertising. It is important to understand the difference between them. Marketing is a larger process then advertising. Marketing covers research into what customers want to buy; Then research and development of products that match that demand; Finally promotion and advertising to tell customers about the product.


Do adverts really make us buy things? How much influence do adverts have on our life?

Below are some adverts from the UK and USA. Watch these adverts and compare them with Chinese adverts. What are the differences between Chinese and UK adverts?

Johnnie Walker Whisky

John Lewis Christmas 2011

Old Spice Body Lotion – I’m on a horse

Hovis Bread

Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate