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Take a look at some different kinds of houses.

Detached House

IMG_0042 IMG_0080 90 Moseley Road, Highgate

Semi-detached House

Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa


Tenement Windows victorian tenements Granite Tenement Maryhill Tenements

High Rise Apartment Block

High rise flats, Glasgow East Marsh High Rise Flats, Grimsby


Hill House Villa mit Seeblick in Pörtschach Villa Fidelia - Spello (PG) Villa De Olmen, Wieze


DSC_0669 20 Silverdale Avenue, Larkholme, Fleetwood - 1971 Cottage


Cottage Sale Mandy's Cottage Cottage


Mansion on Lough Erne Allerton Park Mansion - Side View Mansion Makeover Mansion House, Dublin


Castle Hohenschwangau Castle De Haar in The Netherlands (Front View) Castle


Palace of Versailles Versailles palace Castle Nordkirchen

Which of these do you like? Which can you see in your home town? When you’re older, which would you like to live in. Would you like to live in the city or in the country? Why?

Houses in Other Countries


Typical German houses / Типични немски къщи Traditional German Houses in Lemgo

Holland – Neatherlands

Amsterdam houses Amsterdam's traditional houses

Venice – Itally

Red boat - Venice Venice Two canals - Venice


Oia Sunset

Sudan – Africa

-Village- Dwellings in Cameroon


Old Sana´a


Historic Japanese government house in Takayama