Do native English speakers recite articles to improve their writing skills?

Did you learn Chinese by reciting Chinese articles? When working in your native language, you learn to listen and then speak first. Later you learn to read and write. At kindergarten, you might recite some nursery rhythms, later maybe some poems and in high school, you’ll recite Shakespeare. However, the reciting is not for improving writing, it is for improving your reading and your depth of language.

If you want to improve your writing skills, you need to write. In English schools, we write essays, short stories, reviews and other kinds of articles. The teachers assess them, mark corrections and then assign other writing tasks. If you write regularly in English and have someone check your writing, then your writing skill will improve.

A good way to do this might be to write answers on and leave a note at the end asking people to edit corrections for you or leave comments. Reading the corrections, learning from them, then writing another and another answer will surely improve your English writing skills quickly.

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