For English native speakers, can you easily distinguish people who speak English as their mother language from those who don't based on the writing style?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It the non-native speaker has a high standard of English then it would be very difficult, if no impossible. Generally you can spot a non-native speaker by the errors they make. While some native speakers do make errors, they will make different kinds of errors. Recognising certain types of errors can give away the writer's cultural background.

What is your methodolgy for teaching English as a foreign language?

Don't try to teach English. At least for teenage and above who are past foundation level. Teach something interesting - art, history, simple science, geography, natural history, environmental issues, sport, etc. The English learning will happen along the way. The idea is to spark a lively discussion where the students are the ones asking the questions and the teacher a source of answers. This forces the student to actually use the language rather than just learn vocabulary and grammar rules by rote.

How can I get a teaching job in China?

The principle qualification for teaching in China is that you have completed your college education and have at least an ordinary degree. You will then find an abundance of jobs on offer all over the country.

Without a degree, you may be offered a job illegally at some schools. Do not take these offers. You will end up in trouble with the Public Security Bureau, fined and deported.

Which is the best certification for teaching English as a foreign or second language abroad?

There are many qualifications for people wanting to teach English as foreign language or English as a second language: SIT TESOL, TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, etc. However, are they really worthwhile?

It depends on where you want to go and what level you want to teach at. Here in China there are three main options:


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